The third anniversary of the Taiwan People's Party
In its third anniversary, the Taiwan People's Party takes "New Hopes for the People" as its main theme, and claimed to fulfill its social responsibilities as a party, so that Taiwanese people can feel proud of having democracy, freedom, prosperity and justice.
Taiwan People's Party held a seminar on "International Situation and Cross-Strait Relations after the Russia- Ukraine War"
In response to the current international situation, the International Affairs Committee of TPP hosted a seminar on "International Situation and Cross-Strait Relations after the Russia-Ukraine War", inviting experts and scholars from the fields of diplomacy, politics, and finance to discuss the new global situation caused by the war.
The first International Spring Reception
The Taiwan People's Party held its first International Spring Reception and invited a number of envoys in Taiwan and international media to attend. By communicating with foreign diplomats and listening to the opinions of various countries, the Taiwan People's Party took a big step towards the world and built bonds with the international communities.