1st Party Representative Election was a great success
For the first time, the Taiwan People’s Party held a party representative election. Through online voting, 100 representatives of the TPP were successfully elected. The party is more equipped for the challenges ahead.
TPP Taitung District office is officially inaugurated
TPP Taitung District office (General Service Office) is officially inaugurated to complete the final piece of the eastern expansion, thus providing an alternative to the Taitung residents.
Citizen Congress Watch Appraisal, the Taiwan People’s Party scores the highest
After stepping into the Legislative Yuan, the Taiwan People’s Party archived the highest score on its Citizen Congress Watch appraisal, as well as providing excellent performance to the Commission. The TPP is proud to be supported by the 1.58 million voters.
“The People’s Strength”, TPP National Members Convention was a success
On the first anniversary of the founding, the second Party meeting was held at the Lingkou Sports University Stadium. Many were skeptical with the number of attendants, but more than 5,000 people participated in the meeting. Through the successful revision of the Party Charter, the Party representative system was established, and an important step for the Taiwan People’s Party.
Hsieh, Li-Kung officially takes over as secretary of the Taiwan People's Party
Former Immigration Director Hsieh, Li-Kung officially took over as the new secretary-general of the TPP. Hsieh stressed that the TPP does not follow the footsteps of the KMT and DPP, and will win the hearts and minds of the people by being independent.
The Institute of National Governance is officially established
"National Governance" relies on the continuous accumulation of knowledge. We have established the Institute of National Governance. We hope to invite all sectors of society to join and to teach new knowledge, accumulate everyone’s wisdom, and gather the strength of everyone to transform Taiwan.
The 10th Legislative members are in office, and the TPP Party’s Legislative Group is operational
The 10th Legislative members were sworn in, and TPP Party’s Legislative Group was officially put into operation, with Lai,Hsiang-Ling as the first convener.
1.58 million party votes and 5 non-partition seats into the Yuan
The TPP secured 1,588,806 votes in the initial election, gaining 11.22% of the total voters. It was confirmed to win 5 non-partition seats. The TPP has become the third-largest political party in the Legislative Yuan.