The “Taiwan People’s Walk” Event Launches
The Taiwan People’s party volunteers prepared balloons, small flags and leaflet, and travel all over Taiwan to promote the idea of the Taiwan People’s Party.
Announcement of our non-partition legislative members, first time since the founding of the party
For the first time since the founding of the Party, the PTT has successfully secured 28 seats in the Legislative Yuan. It has also become the first non-partition political party in the history of Taiwanese politics.
The first non-partition legislative election has begun
The TPP is here to provide the platform and opportunities to bring the voice of the people into the Legislative Yuan. Therefore, for the first time, initiated the non-partition legislative election, 268 people eventually signed, 43 passed the primary election, and a total of 16 people entered the final non-partition nomination list.
Announcing the first wave of regional candidates for the 2020 General Election
The TPP officially announced its first 8 candidates for their first Legislative Yuan Election after the founding of the Party. The TPP aims to create another path called "National Governance" outside the KMT-DPP polarized spectrum, and a new alternative of "hope" for the people of Taiwan.
Taiwan People's Party website and party registry is now online
As we embrace the idea of an open government with civil participation and transparency, the official website of the Taiwan People's Party is now officially launched and the party registry is available online.
Taiwan People's Party emblem selection result is out
The Taiwan People's Party held a party emblem selection contest with civil participation. The contest was won by Mr. Hsu,Chih-Wei. His work with the word "People" as the fundamental element along with professional design has become the official emblem of the Taiwan People’s Party.
The Taiwan People's Party is officially founded and held a founding assembly
The Taiwan People's Party held its first founding assembly and held its first-party meeting before the ceremony. They have voted Dr. Ko,Wen-Che as the President of the party and Ko announced "Taiwan is us, and we are the people". He hopes that the TPP could give the people of Taiwan an alternative to the long political struggle between the KMT and DPP