The first local TPP party group established in Taiwan
After the founding of the Taiwan People's Party, for the first time, a party group was formed at the local village meeting (Sioulin Township Representative Committee, Hualien County). The group consists of 5 non-party villager representatives, including Lai, Hui-mei, Chiu,Hui-Ying, Chen, Lung, Wang,Tse-Yuan, and Chin,Yun-Hsiang, and Chiu,Hui-Ying as group convener.
"Taking the balance, vote for the Future" referendum night
After the TPP entered the Legislative Yuan, it held a rally outside the Legislative Yuan for the first time. The TPP was calling on extreme polarization in the 1218 referendum, and to promote the power of rationality, pragmatism and science, the event attracted more than 3,000 supporters to the scene.
Launch of the first wave of nominations for the 2022 local elections
The TPP convened the Central Committee to adopt the list of candidates submitted for the 2022 local election. Candidates include 26 nominees for provincial and city councilors, 8 nominees for representatives for townships and cities, and 1 nominee for the village chief. A total of 35 people became the first wave of official nominees from the party.
"Democracy Chariot" over 100 referendum avocation launched
The TPP launched the "Democracy Chariot" and returned to the original way of public speaking on the streets. The agenda for the four referendums of 1218 is to hold over 100 avocation events all across Taiwan, hoping to awaken the people to join the party.
2021 Referendum, Taiwan Cross Country Walk
The four major referendums were postponed until December 18 due to the epidemic. Tsai Pi-ru, a member of the TPP, held the "2021 Referendum, Taiwan Cross Country Walk "campaign to publicize the TPP’s stands. The first stop was the Kinmen Islands.
First Sustainability Report of the Taiwan Political Party
In order to realize the concept of openness and transparency, the TPP released its first "Annual Sustainability Report", which is in line with the structure set out by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As promised to our supporters and for all those who care about Taiwan political parties’ development, this is an open performance report of the TPP over the past two years.
On the 2nd Anniversary of the Party’s Founding, the "Building a New Taiwan" campaign is launched
The theme of the 2nd anniversary of the founding of TPP was "Building a New Taiwan”. Calling the old party members to retire, and letting the new party members join and support the party. In the end, there were 7976 members who participated, including over 1,300 life-time party members.
Published "One Island, One Life" anti-epidemic chorus
Under the leadership of Secretary Hsieh, Li-kung and TPP’s Leadership Committee, we called on all party departments and service colleagues to join in singing "One Life, One Life" and cheering on the heroes of the fight against COVID-19.
Citizen Congress Watch Appraisal on Outstanding Legislators, the TPP have 5
The Citizen Congress Watch announced the results of the appraisal of outstanding legislators in the 2nd session of the 10th session of the Legislative Yuan. The 5 members of the TPP, Chiu, Chen-yuan, Kao, Hung-an, Tsai, Pi- JU, Lai, Hsiang-ling, and Chang, Chi-Lu, were all awarded the title of Outstanding Legislators, which once again proving the quality of TPP’s services.
Chiu, Chen-yuan was elected to the Transportation Committee of the Legislative Council as Committee Coordinator
Chiu, Chen-yuan, "Captain of the People", was elected as a Committee Coordinator of the Transportation Committee of the Legislative Yuan. He became the first Committee Coordinator in the history of the TPP to strive for more development space within the Legislative Yuan.
Holding the First Party Congress
The Taiwan People’s Party held the First Party Congress and elected the new members of the Central Committee and the Central Review Board, so as to improve the organization of the TPP.