Building a Resilient Society: Ko Meets AIT Chair Rosenberger


Taiwan People's Party (TPP) Chairman, Ko Wen-je, warmly received Laura Rosenberger, Chair of AIT/Washington for an exchange on cross-Strait issues, Taiwan-U.S. relations, and the post-election development of the TPP. The congenial meeting, lasting an hour, underscores the ongoing and deepening dialogue between Taiwan and the United States.



Chairman Ko expressed his appreciation for the unwavering support the United States has provided to Taiwan. He reaffirmed his pre-election stance that Taiwan-U.S. relations will remain unaltered regardless of the political landscape, emphasizing the TPP's commitment to standing with the democratic alliance in safeguarding peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.


Further, Ko outlined the TPP's legislative priorities: legislative reform, judicial reform, and media reform. As the critical minority, the TPP pledges to approach these goals not with a tendentious and provincial mindset, but that of dialogue fostering and collaboration. Ko also emphasized the imperative for us to rally cross-party support, with a focus on civilian issues that resonates with the younger demographic of its supporters, and pledged to enhance oversight and promote legislation conducive to Taiwan's long-term development.



On the significant magnitude 7.2 earthquake in Taiwan earlier this morning, Ko shared concerns about the general lack of crises awareness among Taiwan's population, a problem mirrored in the public perception on the pressing cross-Strait issues. He expressed a hope for Taiwan and the U.S. to work together in building a more resilient society capable of withstanding both natural and geopolitical challenges.