Jikyoku Shinwa Kai: Strengthening Taiwan-Japan Relations


In a distinguished gathering that marked a significant step towards closer Taiwan-Japan relations, Chairman Ko of Taiwan People's Party presented an insightful discourse at the Jikyoku Shinwa Kai, an esteemed consortium of Japanese firms. This event was not just a platform for geopolitical analysis but a bridge fostering deeper understanding and cooperation between Taiwanese and Japanese industries. Chairman Ko articulated the mutual benefits and shared futures of Taiwan and Japan amidst the evolving geopolitical landscape.



The gathering was more than a mere presentation; it was a symbol of the burgeoning ties and mutual respect between Taiwan and Japan. Highlighting historical connections and current collaborations, especially in sectors where Taiwan and Japan hold significant complementary strengths, Chairman Ko made a compelling case for enhancing bilateral cooperation. The event served as an effective conduit for dialogue, with representatives from Japanese firms engaging in meaningful discussions on potential partnerships in technology, green industries, and trade. This was a momentous event that laid the groundwork for an alliance between Taiwan and Japan, driven by shared values and common economic interests, to achieve prosperity and stability in the Indo-Pacific region.