Taiwan People's Party is excited to announce that our newly elected legislators have officially started their terms, ready to advocate for your future!


As the legislative session buzzes into action, Taiwan People's Party's eight new legislators - Huang Kuo-chang, Huang Shan-shan, Chen Gau-tzu, Wu Chun-Cheng, Mạch Ngọc Trân (Jenny), Lin Kuo-chen, Lin Yi-chun, and Chang Chi-kai - have reported for duty. Our legislative team is committed to addressing the long-standing issues and corruption of the past, signifying the commencement of our dedication.



#Relentlessness is the collective mantra of Taiwan People's Party caucus. We are dedicated to keeping our promises, enhancing our productivity as if each day counts as five, and redoubling our efforts to reciprocate the public's trust and support. We will ceaselessly oversee the government, refine legislative tasks, and look after local welfare, consistently demonstrating our most hardworking spirit.


Taiwan People's Party caucus is determined to amplify the oversight capabilities of our legislators. Our goal is to return to the people housing justice, fiscal discipline, a fair judiciary, professional media, and public safety, fostering a comfortable living environment for all generations. We are devoted to realizing nine key visions:


1. A self-accountable parliamentary system
2. A judiciary that exemplifies fairness and justice
3. Human-centric housing justice
4. A society that guarantees dignity and safety
5. A nurturing and comforting environment for children
6. An independent, unbiased, and professional media
7. A solid and stable financial system
8. An industry moving towards net-zero emissions
9. A sustainable and robust fiscal policy


We assure the people of Taiwan that with our oversight, they can trust the new cabinet; with our diligent work in the legislature, they can feel secure. The Taiwan People's Party caucus is poised to initiate a new era of change for Taiwan!