TPP Welcomes German Marshall Funds Delegation Led by Bonnie Glaser


On February 21, 2024 Taiwan People's Party (TPP) Legislator Huang Kuo-chang and Legislator Huang Shan-shan, welcomed a delegation from the German Marshall Fund of the United States led by the Director of the Indo-Pacific ProgramBonnie Glaser. During this engagement, a range of topics including national defense, and the dynamics of Taiwan-US and cross-strait relations were discussed, underlining the TPP's dedication to fostering dialogue and cooperation with international partners, and reaffirming its commitment to push forward relevant reforms at the Legislative Yuan.


Legislator Huang Kuo-chang articulated the TPP's focus on pivotal reforms within the spheres of legislative process, judiciary, taxation, and housing justice. Emphasizing the party's core constituency of younger demographics, he highlighted the caucus's resolve to voice the concerns and aspirations of this group, notwithstanding the outcome of the 2024 presidential election. 



In terms of collaboration with the United States, Huang noted the significance of the strategic partnership, underscored by the 21st Century Trade Agreement, and expressed support for enhanced collaboration in defense and military training. On national defense matters, Huang reiterated TPP Chairman Ko Wen-je's stance that defense spending should be bolstered to 3% of GDP to ensure Taiwan's deterrence capabilities.


Legislator Huang Shan-shan addressed the concept of "all-out defense," acknowledging the inadequacy of current reservist mobilization and training in light of Taiwan's long-standing peace. She also highlighted initiatives undertaken during Ko Wen-je's tenure as Mayor of Taipei, including the planning of wartime reserve wells and a nearly six-month effort to audit air raid shelters and develop an application to help citizens quickly locate the nearest shelters. Furthermore, Huang emphasized the potential role of reservists during pandemics or natural disasters, citing past instances where Taipei City Government mobilized reservists for logistical support roles such as epidemic prevention and rescue operations. These efforts showcase the versatility of reservist manpower, which could be directly transitioned to logistical support roles in times of conflict.


Regarding cross-Strait relations, Huang Kuo-chang stressed the importance of conveying to Beijing the mutual benefits of regional stability, reaffirming TPP's commitment to preserving our sovereignty. He also urges the ruling party to reinitiate bilateral dialogues to maintain peace across the Taiwan Strait. 


TPP values every precious opportunity to exchange opinions with international scholars, embracing diverse perspectives to enrich the legislative process.