Taiwan People’s Party Announces Its List of 34 Legislator-at-large Nominees



Changes begin only with no party achieving an absolute majority in the Legislative Yuan. Taiwan People's Party has nominated 34 individuals as its 2024 Legislator-at-large candidates. Our strongest team, transcending party lines, is committed to overseeing the government and safeguarding public interests.


Comprising individuals with diverse expertise and backgrounds, including whistleblowing experts, governing strategists, local representatives, advocates for new immigrants’ right, Hakka representatives, public interest advocates, scholars, youth representatives, and professionals from various sectors such as healthcare, software research, and animal protection, our team goes beyond party affiliations and professional backgrounds. They demonstrate our commitment to effectiveness and expertise, and they need your support.


We will prove that politics is about identifying and entrusting talents, being rational and scientific, rather than throwing pig guts or spreading warnings of national subjugation. On our watch, the Legislative Yuan will not be subject to political spoils and compromise.


With the support of 1.58 million votes in 2020 election, we are particularly mindful of the trust placed in us. This trust propels us to advocate for issues of social security, economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, housing justice, and fiscal discipline. From a small party with only 5 legislative seats, we have transformed into the most potent opposition force in overseeing government operations.


"Diligence" is our daily commitment. Over the next four years, we will persistently legislate, actively scrutinize, and supervise the government's administration, rectify legislative chaos, and advocate for the people, especially the vulnerable. We earnestly request everyone to cast their #PartyVotes for the Taiwan People's Party, standing together with us for a better future of Taiwan.