Vote Wu-isely for our Ko-untry!



If we run for elections, we've got to win! Ko Wen-je carries the entrusted faith of the people and the weighty responsibility of party alternation. Together with legislator Cynthia Wu, Ko Wen-je forms a #DynamicDuo, strategically has positioned and fully committed to the battle ahead.


Over the past 7 years, the ruling party has forgotten humility, and the president disregards public opinions. Government officials are unsupervised, leading to corruption and unrestrained fraud. With policies of no vision and planning, the government relies only on short-term cash injections at the expense of future generations. That the younger generation has lost the courage to dream is our nation's greatest loss. We need a #NewPresident and a #NewGovernment to turn crises into opportunities and gather the strongest forces for reform.


Taiwan cannot afford to stagnate any longer. Ko Wen-je pragmatically presents policies for social housing, healthcare, education, constitutional reform, and fiscal discipline. He upholds democracy, professionalism, and values of Taiwan, catering to the needs of every ethnic groups. Taiwanese will stride forward confidently to the international community and embrace the bright future.


At this critical juncture, Cynthia Wu steps forward to undertake the responsibilities as the vice presidential candidate for the Taiwan People’s Party. As an aide to the deputy leader of the UK's Conservative Party during her sojourn in England and later managing a digital finance startup upon returning to Taiwan, Wu has exhibited her experiences with outstanding performance. In the Legislative Yuan, she not only served as the Convener for the Health and Environment Committee but also delved into policies of finance, insurance, and public welfare. Moreover, she advocated for Taiwan in the European Parliament and made Taiwan visible to the world, with resounding reputation.


Cynthia Wu's entry into this battle is a blessing for all citizens and a significant support for Ko Wen-je. Together, they will collaborate on policies of industrial upgrading, clean energy, housing justice, and other critical areas, striving for a "#SustainableFuture" and collectively propelling Taiwan forward.


To create changes, we must stand up. This is the most promising opportunity for the rotation of the ruling party in Taiwan. We earnestly call upon the 23 million people of Taiwan to be our partners, our supervisors, and join us in scoring a comeback victory. Let the "Ko-Wu Team" rebuild the people's trust in the government. Ko Wen-je and Cynthia Wu will spare no efforts to win back Taiwan and rewrite history!