About Us

Why choose Taiwan People's Party?

Empowering Our People, Securing Taiwan

The core values of Taiwan People's Party are inclusive society and effective governance. The Taiwan People's Party, named after Taiwan, is driven by the Taiwanese people. We are Taiwan, and we are the people. We firmly believe that politics should intertwine with the tapestry of everyday life. Driven by our commitment to 'Taiwan's best interest and our people's greatest welfare,' we navigate with the compass of rationality, pragmatism, and science.' With us, Taiwan's tomorrows aim to outshine its yesterdays. Fundamental to our belief is the notion that 'the wisdom of many transcends the brilliance of one.' As the adage goes, 'To go fast, go alone; to go far, go together.'

The Third Party: "The Strongest Opposition"

Founded on August 6, 2019, Taiwan People's Party, a relatively young party, strives to become a significant political force in Taiwan. Chairman Ko of Taiwan People's Party remarked that, for the longest time, the media has labeled us as lacking a central ideology. Yet, if you ask a doctor their ideology, they obviously have one — to save patients' lives with successful surgeries and ensure their post-operative health. Can the same not be said for politics? If you ask any political party about their ideology, whether they lobby for unification or independence, they ultimately want our people to live better lives.

Integrating Politics into Everyday Life

The Taiwan People's Party's core values revolve around the concept of integrating politics into the fabric of everyday life, encapsulated in the motto "Inclusive Society and Effective Governance." The path that led to our union may have been diverse, yet our shared present enables us to shape a common future. By ensuring that politics is integrated into people's everyday lives, our people can lead better lives.

"People’s Will, Expert’s Opinion, Core Values" Transcending Traditional Partisanship"

The elements that determine TPP’s policies are "People’s Will, Expert Opinion, and Core Values." It's impossible to satisfy everyone with every decision, but we will still strive to secure the support of the majority of the public. The second factor is expertise, wherein we handle matters using a scientific approach. However, why does the interplay of public opinion and expertise sometimes create challenges? The most significant and crucial factor is values. What “values” means, in simple terms, is one's worldview. The Taiwan People's Party advocates for "not sacrificing long-term interests for short-term gains, not sacrificing the interests of the majority for the benefit of a minority, and not sacrificing national interests for the sake of party gains." Our true central ideology is to improve people's lives rather than getting caught in ideological battles. This is the key distinction between us and the other political parties.

"All politics is local." - Ko Wen-je, June 29, 2022

The Taiwan People's Party has outlined a comprehensive five-point policy agenda for effective governance. These policy pillars encompass social security, economic prosperity, environmental sustainability, housing justice, and fiscal discipline. The party aims to provide a beacon of hope for those disillusioned with traditional party politics, offering pragmatic solutions to address the pressing challenges facing the nation.